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My ' 96 DR 350SE

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General Info on the Suzuki DR 350:

The DR is a allround-suited dualsport bike of the lower weight class. The durable engine revs well and has a widespread usable range. The easily shiftable six-gear transmission is balanced. Offroad, the bike can be controlled good even by beginners. The even relatively small performance enabled for hobby driver a brisk progress without full power stress like KTM. Only for advanced drivers it is worth it to think about tuning of the suspension or engine. As a rule of thumb you should spend equal amounts on engine and suspension to get a balanced bike.

Technical data DR350SE (SK42B) ' 96

Air/oil-cooled one cylinder fourstroke,
overhead cam shaft, 4 valves
displacement 349 ccm
Boring diameter 79mm
Stroke 71.2mm
Power output 30 HP at 7600 rpm
Torque 27 Nm at 6200 rpm
Compression 9.5:1
Valve clearance coldly 0.08/0.20 Intake/Out
Dry sump lubrication
Quantity of oil (with filter) 1900ml with filter (1700 ml without filter) SAE 10W40 API SE/SF
Carburetor 33 Mikuni CV
Fork type of oil SAE 7.5 - 10W
Wheel base 1435 mm
travel 280/280 mm
Seat level of 890mm
Clearance 290 mm
Road performance
Topspeed 135 km/h
Unloaded weight dirt version: 113kg(249lbs)
street legal version 135kg(286lbs)
Driving chain O-ring 520, 110 links
Secondary transmission 15/43 (SE) - 14/43 (S)
fuel capacity 9 ltr /1,8 res (2,4gal / 0.5gal res)
fuel Consumption 3,5-7 l/100km


Ups and downs

Ups: Downs:
inexpensive small range 150-200 km (93-124 mls)
high revving, stable engine Kickstartmodel starts bad after longer pause
easy and handy narrow, hard seat
reliable exhaust and frame rust, poor quality
economical brakes not state of the art for street use
everyday life-suited suspension too soft for serious offroad use


Modifications of my ' 96 DR350SE:

  • Acerbis tank (15.5 l)
  • Acerbis brushguards and frameprotectors
  • Plastic-encased "Stahlflex" brake hose in front
  • Transmission as required (road 15/41, Off-Road 13/43)
  • Racimex oil thermometerCockpit
  • Kouba Links
  • Öhlins Shock with 5.6kg WP spring, Racetech Cartridge emulators and springs
  • Mikuni TM36 flat slide carburetor
  • flexible mini turn signals on the back
  • Renthal aluminum handlebar
  • GPS Holder with 8V voltage supply
  • Scott Oiler: Mounted to the frame behind the rear left footpeg. The oil hose runs under the acerbis frameguard down to the front sprocket


    The DR is a good Allround Enduro. It is applicable both in the everyday life on the road and in the moderately severe Offroad areas. The DR is however no " hard Enduro ". It can be rigged at any expenditure, but if somebody wants professional MotoCROSS performance, he should consider to buy a KTM LC400 SC , Honda XR400 or Yamaha WF 400. For the average hobby driver the stock status is sufficient. With rising capability you should update the rear suspension. Also consider that any type of enginetuning reduces the reliability and life span. Who wants to use the DR as dual sport Bike, is situated exactly right. So here are the most popular optimization possibilities:


    stage1 Kouba-Linksstock Links




    The stockengine is revving well and has an broad performance development, is however not very strong (30HP). Nevertheless I got anywhere with the stockengine. In the following the most popular engine-tuning modifications.




    stage 4:


    My bike is not very strong. yet :-) The chart is from a DYNOJET 150. The graph shows the rear-wheel Power. Clutch-Power is about 30hp.



    Other Tips and Tricks:

    Tips for offroad use

    used-buying tips, typical weaknesses

    content .


    If she does not start good, you should have driven the carb dry (close fuelline, drive until she stops)



    stalled or gone out:


    If she will not start at all when warm, and your ignition and fuel is ok, you should check your pilot screw adjustment and jetting.
    if she is to too lean (commonly after carb/airbox mods), screw the pilotscrew out (not more than 2-3 turns, if that is not enough, you need a bigger pilot-jet).
    if too rich (spark plug wet, exhaust smells of fuel) pilotscrow in.


  • tires


    with older bikes the only legal tires are 80/100-21 and 110/90-18. (You can use 90/90-21 und 120/80-18 too)


    Street and Offroad:



    mechanics tips:


  • the clutch-nut gets loose occasionally
  • block the clutch for disassembling with old clothes
  • better: screw an old clutchplate together with an opposite steelplate to block the clutch
  • The clutchplates of the RM250 are told to fit and last longer
  • To check if the mounted clutch runs free on the gear-shaft, you can dismount the primary sprocket (left-threaded)
  • Typical DR-clutch-problem: The bike creeps forward with 1st gear engaged. It's difficult to shift gears or get into neutral at the traffic-light:

    Differences of '96 DR 350SE and '91 DR350S:


    DR 350 Links:

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    Phil Herzog Heat-grips and flashers
    Renthal Aluminumbars, sprockets etc.
    Race-Tech (USA) manufacturer of suspensiontuningparts (Cartridgeemulators)
    Acerbis Plastic parts
    Horizonsunlimited Links for long distance travellers
    Baja Designs nice site with offroad tuning and aftermarket parts (USA) Mailinglist DR350 (english)

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